Spring to action with insurance

We stand on the brink of Spring and what is hidden underground now starts to burst into life with colour and growth. In a similar vein, you may be looking to breathe life into a new building project. These changes and improvements to your church property could make it more suitable for its God-given purpose. 

Amid all the excitement with architectural drawings, securing the necessary funding to allow the project to proceed, and communicating with your church fellowship on the changes ahead, it is important to consider the impact this will have on your insurance for both buildings and arranging contract works cover. If you plan to carry out any structural works to your church property, you should inform your insurer to check that the work you are doing doesn’t invalidate your policy and that you have sufficient cover in place.  

When contacting your insurance broker to inform them of the work planned, you will need to know the period and cost of the project and confirm the insurance details of the contractor you will be using.  

Churches that are included in the policy Church Growth Trust (CGT) has with Congregational, (organised through Edwards Insurance), are recommended to inform us of any project however big or small. CGT can then ensure that the policy is updated to adequately cover the planned works. 

You can notify us of proposed works to your building by contacting John Duffield on 01536 647163 or Elaine Roberts on 01536 647165 or contacting us by email on enquiries@churchgrowth.org.uk.