Secure the future of your church building

When a church is unsure of its future, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Find out how our trusteeship services can help secure your church building for generations to come.

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Northampton - Manfield Hall

We aim to secure independent church properties for future Gospel use and together with churches ensure these properties are fit for their God-given purpose. There are times when, due to various circumstances, a church fellowship makes a decision to vacate one of Church Growth Trust’s properties. We then do all we can to find another evangelical church to occupy the building and continue the Gospel work in that locality.

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The booklet "Growing Churches - Church Revitalisation Project" is now available both online and in paper format.

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Coronavirus Resources

We have prepared some resources for churches and other organisations to explore around the difficulties and challenges that have arisen from the Coronavirus pandemic.

We understand you and your mission.

We are Christians too and want to partner with independent evangelical churches to grow the Kingdom of God.

We do this because we want to help independent churches thrive in their mission within the heart of their community – helping to keep church buildings for their original use and fit for purpose.

We are passionate about offering our skills, experience and practical support in a way that serves the Church and see God’s Kingdom grow.

We recognise that the Church is the people and the building is there to provide a strong foundation from which to reach out to the community, support its mission and to help the Church grow.

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