We are Church Growth Trust, your experts in church properties.

We aim to safeguard independent church properties for future Gospel use and ensuring these properties are fit for their God-given purpose. We provide professional services from trusteeship to architectural support and everything in between.

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We understand you and your mission.

We are Christians too and want to partner with you, as an independent evangelical church, to grow the Kingdom of God.

We do this because we want to help you as an independent church thrive in your mission within the heart of your community – helping to keep your church building for its original Gospel use and fit for its God-given purpose.

We are passionate about offering our skills, experience and practical support in a way that serves you as a church and sees God’s Kingdom grow.

We recognise that a church is the people and not a building. Your property is there as a resource to enable you to reach out to your community, to support your mission and to help you grow.

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