Our Partners

Our Partners

We have links with and are supportive of the following works

 Stewardship – www.stewardship.org.uk

Church Growth Trust, having originally come from Stewardship in 2010, still maintains close links with Stewardship, such as:

  • Sharing resources on briefing papers
  • Linking to Stewardship’s excellent technical briefing papers
  • Signing up to Stewardship’s consultancy helpline, so that each of the churches occupying our buildings has free access to this.
 Partnership UK – www.partnershipuk.org

Partnership wants to see a growing network of spiritually-alive, biblically-radical, dynamic independent churches which are effective in mission in their communities and which are encouraging one another in their Gospel work for the Kingdom. It seeks to achieve this by:

  •  maintaining regular contact with churches and church leaders;
  •  facilitating networking between them;
  •  providing them with advice, support, and publications.
Counties – www.countiesuk.org

For more than 100 years, Counties has been sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with communities across the country. It does this through four main areas of work:

  • evangelism;
  • training;
  • resources;
  • church planting.
GLO Europe – www.glo-europe.org

Historically known as Gospel Literature Outreach, GLO exists to serve God by bringing the gospel to Europe and encouraging Christians to be a witness in the world through:

  • evangelising;
  • establishing;
  • resourcing;
  • training.

It is a Christian mission organization dedicated to bringing the good news of Jesus to a world that is lost. Its vision is to establish Church Planting Teams throughout Europe and to support them through Short Term mission trips. It is also committed to training and equipping Christians for mission and ministry so that they can effectively serve God and share their faith.

Church Support Network – www.churchsupportnetwork.uk

The Church Support Network links groups which serve God from within the worldwide Christian Brethren movement. In the UK, much innovative work is being done, and the movement continues to make significant contributions to evangelical life.

Living the Passion – www.livingthepassion.org

Living the Passion was born in 2007 when some highly trusted names in the evangelical world joined forces to arrange a weekend conference to fan the flames of passion for sharing the gospel in the UK.

Ambitiously seeking to deepen spiritual life, broaden vision for church growth and church planting, energise leaders, inspire next generation leaders and provide an opportunity to foster relationships leading to increased and fruitful collaboration. These remain at the heart of what Living the Passion is all about.