Our Partners

Our Partners

We have links with and are supportive of the following works

Church Planting Initiative – www.cpi-uk.org

Church Growth Trust is a joint member of Church Planting Initiative with Counties, Gospel Literature Outreach and Partnership, in supporting church planting work of independent evangelical churches in the UK through networking, mentoring and financing. Church Growth Trust currently gives a substantial grant to CPI each year.

Stewardship – www.stewardship.org.uk

Church Growth Trust, having originally come from Stewardship in 2010, still maintains close links with Stewardship, such as:

  • Sharing resources on briefing papers
  • Linking to Stewardship’s excellent technical briefing papers
  • Signing up to Stewardship’s consultancy helpline, so that each of the churches occupying our buildings has free access to this.
Partnership UK – www.partnershipuk.org

Counties – www.countiesuk.org

GLO Europe – www.glo-europe.org

Bible Colleges:

Moorlands Bible College – www.moorlands.ac.uk

Tilsley Theological College – www.glo-europe.org