Model CIOs

Model CIOs

We have produced with Partnership UK and the Western Counties and South Wales Evangelization Trust a Model Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Pack to help independent evangelical churches register as a charity.

The Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) was introduced as a new legal structure in 2006 and CIOs came into being in England and Wales in 2012. A CIO is specifically and expressly designed as a charity structure. Like a company it has a legal identity of its own. Unlike a company it is not registered with the Companies House. It is registered only with, and indeed comes into existence by registration with, the Charity Commission. It is a suitable structure for small to medium sized charities and can be used for large charities as well, so is suitable for most independent churches.

The Model CIO papers are now available from the links below;

Guide to the Model CIO document

2018.09 Elder-led CIO model constitution

Elder-led CIO model constitution (with notes)

CIO Briefing Paper

Brethren Movement briefing paper

If you are interested in this service or have any questions on charity information, please contact Giles Arnold on 01536 647164 or