Our Values, Vision and Mission

Our Values

The values that underpin everything Church Growth Trust does and says.

The heart of God is generous, and we are to be imitators of Him. We will be generous with our dealings with others, our time, sharing knowledge, our openness to collaborate and our willingness to work with others and point to and promote other organisations. We will speak well of others and of our colleagues. We will be ready to give our best and give that bit extra when circumstances require it.
We understand that God prioritises relationship above all else. We want to behave in a way that values relationships highly. Our aim is to develop long term, mutual value relationships. We seek to understand where we fit relationally into the Kingdom of God. We commit to do all we can to maintain good relationships with others.
We will be straightforward and honest with all those we interact with. Our aim is that what we present or say will always be matched by what we are and/or do. We will comply with all current legal and regulatory requirements relevant to our work and strive to promote the spirit, not just the letter, of the legal framework.
Everything we do we want to do well. If this is the work of the Kingdom, it must be done excellently. We commit, and expect our colleagues to be committed, to high quality work. We seek constantly to improve what we offer and when we make mistakes, we will take responsibility, learn from them and thereby improve. We will develop new processes and systems to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the services that we provide.

Our Vision

As our name suggests, we aim to offer not only property and trusteeship services but also ways of helping churches to grow. Our current working vision is:

We aspire to glorify God by securing for Gospel use independent church properties and together with churches making them fit for their God-given purpose.

Our Mission

We aim to fulfil our vision by:

1. Holding and accepting independent church properties (as owner or trustee) and:

  • Blessing churches which occupy our buildings by granting concessionary rents;
  • Helping these churches to keep their properties in good condition, compliant with legislation and suitable for modern church use, including helping to fund building projects;

2. Providing professional property and architectural services and guidance in church practice and governance, including encouraging churches to make best use of their properties;

3. Supporting church planting and revitalisation of independent churches.