Allergens – updated briefing paper on food safety at your church 

From running a café to providing tea and cakes at events, preparing food is a common activity in the life of a church. There is no reason why you should not prepare and sell food to support your mission in this way. Whilst instances of food poisoning and allergic reactions are rare, these are more likely to occur if poor food safety practices are adopted.    

Although you will have fewer responsibilities if you only handle, prepare, store or serve food occasionally and on a small scale, all food supplied, sold or provided at charity or community events must comply with Food Hygiene Regulations and be safe to eat.  

  Church Growth Trust (CGT) has recently updated its briefing paper on this subject, particularly adding details of how to deal with food allergies, food intolerance and coeliac disease, as well as applying the requirement of “Natasha’s Law”, which came into force in October 2021.  

 You can find CGT’s recently updated guidance on food safety in the briefing papers section of the website here