Roofing work in Hampshire – December 2022

In September 2021, Hope Church Network who meet in Greatham and Petersfield in Hampshire took a tenancy of the Central Hall in Liss, to serve the needs of both growing congregations. The pitched roof to the property was coming to the end of its useful life. This was evidenced by the clay tiles to the roof shaling, meaning that small particles of clay were breaking off. The leaving church was aware of the condition of the roof and generously made a restricted gift covering the agreed cost of the new roof. Church Growth Trust (CGT) held the restricted gift. Hope Church undertook in their tenancy to renew the roof using the restricted gift.

When it came to carrying out the works , CGT worked closely with Hope Church to specify what needed addressing to ensure compliance with Building Regulations. Once completed, the work was inspected and signed-off by Building Control who provided a completion certificate. CGT was also able to offer help with practical matters such as how to undertake thermal upgrades with enhanced insulation and ensure sufficient ventilation to the loft space. 

The church managed the project directly with the roofing contractor, but CGT was on hand to offer the church advice when required. For example, the building insurers had to be notified of the works and the church checked that the roofing contractor had the relevant insurance policies in place before the work started.

The road to completion proved to be a rocky one. COVID came along and the building supply chain was disrupted – no tiles were available; the original contractor had to drop out, and a new one appointed; the cost of the new roof escalated significantly. But eventually the new contractor delivered a good result, and the new roof is a significant improvement to the building.