Graciously giving us all things

Church Growth Trust’s vision has always been to support churches to help them keep their buildings fit for their God-given purpose while keeping gospel halls and chapels all over the UK in Gospel use. One of Church Growth Trust’s (CGT) properties in Ramsgate, the former Anath Gospel Hall, is now occupied by Kairos Church Thanet, who are breathing new life into the premises and meeting many of the needs in their neighbourhood through God’s grace. John Duffield, CGT’s Property Manager, has been involved from day one. 

 “The property was built in the 1930s and is surrounded by housing. The property has been held by us for a number of years.  When the Brethren assembly closed, we leased it to another church.  They did a certain amount of building work during their tenancy, including an accessible WC and ramp, but sadly, a number of difficult and challenging situations arose. One of the members faithfully worked to keep it going, striving to serve God and keeping everything on an even keel. During lockdown, he contacted us and said that he simply couldn’t carry on. We honoured him for his faithful service to the congregation and his recognition that it was time to pass on the baton, and began to search for a new church to use the premises. God had just the right people in mind, as He so often does.” 

And that is where Kairos came in. Originally Thanet International Community Church, they were meeting in a school in nearby Broadstairs and waiting on the Lord about finding new premises. Chris and Sara Young have been the Senior Pastors since 2020.  

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