When God calls: Four stories of building projects

One of Church Growth Trust’s services to evangelical churches and charities is assisting and advising with building projects. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) lays out six key steps when considering any kind of construction work, including preparation and briefing, concept design, spatial co-ordination, technical design, manufacturing and construction, and handover. Church Growth Trust (CGT) works closely with clients and occupying churches to ensure that building work is carried out to the highest possible standards. CGT has worked with many different churches through each stage of a building project. Here we share the stories of four of these projects. 

Ten years ago, Terry and Margaret Wilkes answered God’s calling and opened the doors of the Windmill Community Church in Wolverhampton. In 2018/19, they worked with CGT to restore a derelict church building in Finchfield and by 2020, an extension was needed. Later Terry spoke to the local authority and found a redundant youth centre in the Compton district that needed a great deal of work. Having received an unmistakeable call from God, Terry knew what to do next.  

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