A to Z challenge – Z

oom, YouTube and Teams (other media platforms are also available) are all media platforms that were used increasingly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic when churches were unable to meet in person. Trying to deliver services in ways that were helpful and visually stimulating led many churches to adapt their spaces and often a lot of money was spent on things like cameras and recording equipment. Small studios started sprouting up and some churches even began training ministries for those wanting to learn how to better film services.

For building projects in the future this recent experience will mean that one test will be to ensure that new building works optimises the potential to provide space that is as flexible as possible. Up to date wiring and sufficient infrastructure to support Wifi and power demand will also be key elements together with finding the in-house people with the skills to both help in the design and build phases as well as manage the proper use of the facilities down the line. What is certain is that buildings, whilst fixed as structures, will increasingly need to “live”, “adapt” and “flex” so that as many uses as possible can take place in any one space. The experience of the last two years suggests that church building projects are not about buildings but people. Buildings are for people where they can worship and serve God, feel safe and welcomed, and spaces where they can help to draw people to Jesus through the momentous news of Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ either through meeting in person or through the medium of an on-screen presence.

Our prayer is that these articles have been of use and encouragement to you and have hopefully stimulated new thoughts and ideas. If you have any questions or have a building project which you are considering do get in touch. We would love to be able to help you either ourselves or by pointing you in the direction of someone or some service you need. Please do get in touch.