A to Z challenge – H – May 2021

ighlights of any building project are when either key stages of the project are closed out, for example the wiring or central heating, or the architects technical drawing of a building elevation or a particular building feature suddenly becomes a reality on site. Capturing these moments on camera and in video is really helpful for at least three reasons.

Firstly, highlight videos enable the leaders of a project to share progress almost instantly with supporters and stakeholders. These can include an onsite commentary whilst the video is being filmed and can be backed up later by sharing additional still photographs with sub-titles. On one of our projects the bible was shown to be the literal foundation of the building as bibles were filmed being placed into the foundations before they were poured. A follow up video showed the pouring taking place.

Secondly, highlight videos and photographs can form a very useful database for the future management of the building beyond the project itself when different people who are new to the building can use these to familiarise themselves with what was there before and what is there now. For example we have already shown previously a photograph of the underfloor heating of the Kingsbury project and that will be a helpful record for others to understand what services are where if ever there is a need to break open the floor.

Finally, it is only after the moment has come and gone that you realise that you wished you had a highlight of a part of the project. Installing a time lapse camera or cameras on a project can be very interesting and helpful in capturing the whole life of a project for posterity.