A to Z challenge – G – May 2021

enerous Gifts and Giving are an early indicator as to whether a building project has the potential to Get out of the Ground. This is because all stakeholders within a fellowship need to see that they have an interest in what is being proposed to be built. Gifts and Giving are a direct response to the love that God has poured upon us in the death of the Lord Jesus Christ and are a mark of faith which recognises that we are but custodians of all that God gives to us. In the case of a building project the giving that is made must be over and above the normal weekly giving. That weekly regular giving powers along the day to day work of any Christian fellowship / church.

It is extraordinary and additional generous giving for the one off building project that will either bring it to fruition or literally leave it on the drawing board. This is not about generosity with time or prayer but about money. Money is needed to pay the bills that will be generated. But the goal is to build something that brings glory to God by its use in bringing the gospel to a world that needs to hear the momentous news that Jesus saves. The result for those who do give is a deepening. A deepening unity with those who are delivering the project, a deepening insight and respect for all those who serve in their various capacities and a deepening faith in and gratitude to our God who delights to give.