A to Z challenge – C – March 2021

areful planning in the use of time, particularly during holiday periods, can produce genuine benefits for no additional cost. For example Christmas can be a challenging time for a building project. Often contractors leave site for anything up to two weeks, particularly if outside works are involved. This is because days are very short, more often than not the temperatures are low meaning concreting and brickwork needs very special consideration and also work generally becomes more hazardous.

The external works on our current project had largely been completed before the Christmas holiday. Moreover the lockdown as a result of the Covid Crisis meant that the building was going to be empty over the Christmas period. As a result our contractors, who are also genuinely committed to the project, took advantage of this to make real progress on the project including laying the underfloor heating and concreting the floor.

Planning like this has meant that the project looks more likely to finish on the due date which is very pleasing indeed. Even if there were not a lockdown, careful planning of the timing of events and the use of the building would have produced the same outcome. Careful planning, co-operation and commitment are essential commodities in a building project.