A to Z challenge – A – February 2021

bout ten years ago, a fellowship in North London decided that they needed to build a more spacious entrance area with quality WCs and a new kitchen. In this way they would be Extending a warm welcome to visitors. As you might imagine much has changed. The original planning consent expired and a new planning permission was obtained. This included the need to secure a Road Closure Order for part of the site.

Ownership of the building – Roe Green Hall in Kingsbury – also changed as did the occupying church. But the outgoing fellowship was committed to God’s work and blessed the new church in helping to meet the financial cost of a new welcome area. And whilst it has taken more time than we had hoped for the project to go forward we can see that God has been kind and His timing has been perfect in so many ways. As a result the building contractors were instructed by Church Growth Trust in October and began building a new welcome area. There are some photographs below.

We will share the story of this project through a series of fortnightly articles. We hope the lessons we have learned through this project will be of interest to you. We will give links to plans and documents, share photographs and include interviews with different members of the teams involved in the project. It is also an opportunity for you to get involved by asking questions which we will try to answer, either directly or through the articles.