A to Z challenge – P – September 2021

lanning, problems, people and perspective are all parts of a properly piloted project. Reactions to that statement are likely to be mixed. This is because it says that Problems are part of a properly run project. Those people in a project team with the least experience will not plan properly or with any rigour. When a problem arises, as it does in every single project no matter how small and uncomplicated, they will have an unreliable perspective. This is likely to make them PANIC and cause this to be spread through the whole team or they will become PARALYSED with fear so that the problem is not addressed and just gets worse. Whilst neither of these reactions are likely to be ultimately fatal to the project, using the wrong people with the wrong perspective who have not planned for all eventualities will become a big problem.   The crucial part of any building project is planning and this takes two parts – firstly is all of the advance work that is done to prepare for the project including agreement as to what is to be built, getting an experienced project manager in place, understanding the detail of a project and how much it will cost and that the builder has been properly and formally appointed.

The second part may be the Planning permission to build the project. Once all permissions, permits and contracts are in place, what is then certain is that unforeseen problems will occur. It is how they are dealt with that are the acid test of the quality of the planning, the people and the sense of perspective. If the planning has been carried out properly there will be an agreed mechanism and methodology for how to deal with problems and that, at root, will be through the people. The quality of the relationship, the experience of the personnel and the trust between the project manager and builder is absolutely key to resolving problems sensibly, at least cost and with minimum delay. This is because they are the people who have the best perspective based on their experience and on the prior planning they will have done on the project.