A to Z challenge – I – June 2021

ntercession and Inspiration are vital elements to a successful project. From Inception, ongoing prayer for the protection and success of any project is Indispensable. So too is the willingness to remain open to Ideas that will bring Impetus and energy.

So far these fortnightly articles have stressed the need to stay focussed and remain on track throughout a building project. They have warned against changing ideas and plans mid-project. This is because variations outside what has been agreed in a contract or delaying works can prove costly. What is more such changes normally do not bring any genuine benefits. By contrast, seeking a solution to a knotty on-site technical or financial problem through prayer and the exchange of thoughts can often trigger Inspiring answers and outcomes. This process must recognise that the project manager is the one who will make the final decision. However, Innovation when up against difficulty is often essential.

An openness and willingness to listen to what God is saying through others with their experience and engagement can be Instrumental in finding often quite Innocent-looking but powerful answers to apparently Intractable problems. We should commit ourselves to Intercede continually for a project and expect to be Inspired.