A to Z challenge – B – February 2021

eginning the building project on site is a big moment. Work started on site at Roe Green Hall, Kingsbury on 7 October 2020 with a target finish date of 15 February 2021. These dates were agreed at a Pre-Contract meeting on site a week before. Church Growth Trust were there as both Client, represented by John Duffield, the Property Manager and as Contract Administrator through in-house architect Jonny Heaney.

John Duffield – CGT Property Manager
Jonny Heaney – CGT Architect

Kings Church, Harrow, sent three people – the leader of the church, the leader of the church plant at the Hall and an elder who is acting as on-site liaison throughout the project. The Elder is also going to take photos as the build moves forward.  Finally the Contractors were represented by their builder and architect. After introductions, all seven people present agreed on the day-to-day site management, how stakeholders would be kept in the loop, how bills would be paid in a timely fashion to help cash flow and the main lines of reporting. After that, the detail of the build itself was left to the Contractors and Jonny. Jonny meets them once a month on-site for a progress meeting and sends an update note to the team via email. Another way of keeping in touch is through different groups on WhatsApp (Other forms of electronic communication are available) – it is nimble and allows photos / videos, instant messaging and means urgent matters can be dealt with quickly.

The first meeting is crucial to set the way forward for the project. Having a small, focussed and united team who all know their roles and are trusting one another to fulfil their tasks is the positive and constructive way forward, literally.