Is winter over now? Our Five Gs

As we enter a new month and the start of the new year seems a little way behind us, we possibly journey through this month asking the question “Is winter over now?” In this season where we see signs of spring emerging alongside the remnants of winter weather it is worth spending some time this month checking in and around your church property and use 5 G’s recommended below as a starter of your checks.


It is good to check your supply of grit in case of an icy start of the day or even snow.


After the leaves have all fallen from the trees it is recommended that a clear out of the gutters is worthwhile.


Making sure your annual check of your gas boiler is up to date and booked in if needed.


Keep your grass and gardens tidy from fallen leaves and rubbish that may have landed on your grounds by the winds.


Keep your bins emptied regularly and recycle all you can. Why not check out our recent paper on recycling, re-using, and reducing from our Tip of the Month in January