Helpful booklets for building projects

Church Growth Trust (CGT) is passionate about seeing church buildings made more suitable for modern church use.  This means we are involved in more and more building projects, both on our own church properties and also for clients.  We thought it would be helpful to produce a booklet to explain how a building project works generally and, more specifically, how we can work with our occupying churches.  We ended up producing two booklets! 

The first booklet Your Guide to Building Projects (as a Church Growth Trust tenant or occupier) helps churches that occupy CGT’s own properties understand what CGT can offer in planning and carrying out a building project, how we work with the church and what we expect from them to make the project go smoothly and be a success.  This is aimed at occupying churches and not clients. 

The second booklet Your Guide to Church Growth Trust’s Architectural Services and the RIBA workstages is a general explanation of the stages of a building project and what churches should expect at each stage.  For most churches involved in a large project, it will be the first (and maybe the last) project they will deal with.  This means they are on a steep learning curve, and we hope the booklet will make this learning experience faster and more enjoyable. 

To check out our digital versions of the booklets use this link. If you would like a paper copy to be posted to you, please contact