A to Z challenge – D – March 2021

ecision-making needs to be Delegated to a nominated person in a transparent manner and with clear Directions from the outset of any project. Dealing in a Direct and Decisive way with Demonstrable backing and support from all sides is the Distinctive that Defines nearly all successful building projects and allows the project manager to Drive things forward. Without this, there is a great Danger that there will be Disruption and Disputes. These will nearly always lead to Delays which can be Deadly both to the control of finance and momentum in the Delivery of the intended building project. Disharmony of this type will often Demoralise participants and Depress supporters.  In the end everyone in a Christian building project is Doing everything for the glory of God. Demonstrating this in our Dealings with all will be Transformative in every Biblical sense of that word. Avoiding Dramas and Distractions will be Decisive in Delivering the Desired outcome. DV.