A to Z challenge – F – April 2021

aith and Trust is at the heart of what we believe as Christians. And it also should be the basis of the working relationship between participants in a building project.

Once a project has begun it is the original contracting parties who need to remain visibly engaged in it and committed to one another. This is not to say that everything will go forward without a hitch. The best plans are derailed by unforeseen events. The acid test in a crisis though is how, collectively, the project team responds to secure the best outcome and this requires faith and trust that everyone is focussed on the same objective. This can help the realisation that every person involved, whether client or contractor, is essentially on one team. Whilst it almost goes without saying that one party has contracted the other to deliver an outcome, a successful outcome will be for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Faith and Trust can and should lead to Openness and Honesty which are the highpoint of any relationship and particularly so in a building project. It allows the experience to become truly enjoyable despite the challenges. When both client and contractor embrace this approach wholeheartedly then faith and trust will be the glue that holds the team together and allow the desired outcome to be achieved. And what actually happens, and has happened at Kingsbury, is that it leads participants to reach further and higher together. It leads them to achieve more and to see more of God’s blessing and guiding hand.