Church Revitalisation Project – get the updated booklet 

A new version of the booklet “Growing churches – church revitalisation project” is now available, not only online, but also as a paper copy. It helps churches think about where they are in the cycle of growth/decline, encourages them to think about what would be needed to be revitalised and gives examples of churches that have been through the process and seen significant growth. 

Giles Arnold, Church Growth Trust’s Chief Executive and previous chairman of the Operations Teams for the Project, says, “Some people only think about “revitalisation” when it’s too late and they have already become too small and weak to be revitalised. They require resuscitation or resurrection! We have improved the booklet because we think it’s better to encourage churches to engage with the project at an earlier stage. We want to speak to them when they have problems but can still see a way through them. When addressed through our Church Health Checks and mentoring inputs, that church can begin a whole new journey of revitalisation.”  

He adds, “We are delighted to be part of this vital project to help churches review their own position and kick start their growth. We work closely with Counties and GLO to provide churches with mature advisers to walk with them through the process in a way that is encouraging and challenging. A number of churches that occupy Church Growth Trust’s buildings have benefitted from the Church Health Checks, which are provided as part of the Project, and we are keen to promote the Church Revitalisation Project for churches to think about growth before it is too late.” 

How to get copy

You can get a copy of the latest booklet from CGT by emailing or by telephoning 01536 201339.

You can also view an electronic version of the booklet at