Church ministry flourishes in Walsall: A testament of faith and service

Coral J. Cook III and his wife’s faith journey has taken them from Southern California to the UK, answering God’s call to establish a church. Their path brought them to Birmingham, where they connected with Steve Whittington, an experienced church planter.

The connection with Steve Whittington proved pivotal, paving the way for Coral’s family to settle and plant a church in the Walsall area, facilitated by Church Growth Trust (CGT). Their arrival aligned Delves Gospel Hall, a church building owned by CGT and previously devoted to serving the Delves estate, becoming available to lease.

In July 2023 Christ Church Birmingham began renting the Delves Community Hall in Walsall to kick-start Redemption Hill Church. Upon acquiring the premises, several weeks were spent on its maintenance, buoyed by the support of an American team that travelled to the UK to help them. This marked the inception of numerous community events among the local people.

A summer BBQ event was a highlight for the team, uniting families within the Delves estate and fostering a sense of togetherness. Laughter echoed during the “Comedy and Curry” night, drawing families and youth from the neighbourhood and leaving a lasting positive impact.

Looking ahead, the church aims to further embed itself within the community. Fortnightly “Community Dinners” are underway, which serve as a gathering point for locals to share in fellowship and mutual support. Moreover, monthly afternoon church services offer spiritual guidance and a place for reflection.

Coral envisions a vibrant church, rooted in the essence of service and compassion. Their aspiration is to honour the resources of the church building which is now entrusted to them by God by serving the Walsall community wholeheartedly.
“I am grateful for the blessings in Delves Gospel Hall and thanks to God for what has happened in the past and is happening today with this property. I am also delighted to hear of the church’s plans for our future” remarked Giles Arnold, CGT’s Chief Executive. “The unfolding community-driven initiative and God’s continuous work in the Delves Estate, as He builds His church is what encourages us at Church Growth Trust to continue to hold church properties and make them available for growing evangelical churches.”