Looking to the future – story two

Meantime, just a few miles to the west in Kingsbury, Kings Church Harrow has also been engaged in a building project. When the former Roe Green Hall was gifted to CGT in 2015, the trustees also gave them substantial funds which had been set aside to build an extension.  

Over the last five years CGT explored various designs for that extension and finally settled on one with the church. The plan was to build a larger welcome area and to change the layout of the building. Clive Burrows is a member of the Kings Church congregation who has been overseeing much of the day-to-day work. “We felt that God was leading us to make the church a more accessible part of the neighbourhood and part of people’s lives. The extension and interior works were designed with that in mind. This spring, a nursery will be moving in and is using part of the building which we trust and pray will have a major impact on our community.  

David Straughton is the Lead Elder of King’s Church Harrow. “We feel that God wants this building to become a bridge into the community. Our desire is to see far more interaction between the church and the community. The nursery owner is a Christian, keen to partner with us.  She will feed back prayer points to us monthly and wants to have a weekly church-led coffee morning for all the parents and carers. At Easter and Christmas, we hope to open up the main hall and she was very pleased when we said we would like to put on an event for the children, parents and carers, with refreshments and a little talk. We are also in touch with a lady from another church who is a brilliant Pilates instructor. We hope she might run some sessions for us at Kingsbury. We want to pack our building with community Gospel-immersed activities. At last, with this extension, we have a building which functions supremely well. 

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Foundations Spring 2021