Completion of building project at Kingsbury – April 2021

The building works have recently been completed at King’s Church, Kingsbury. The works comprised a new open plan ‘Welcome Area’ extension, offering with this a new centrally located entrance to the church complex between the existing main worship hall to the left and the ancillary meeting rooms to the right.

This new extension presents an expansive full height glazed elevation facing towards the main road and bus-stop directly outside. This in essence is a move to allow the church complex to reach outwards and connect with the wider community and passers-by, rather than promoting a sense of disconnection by shielding the complex from public view. It is a hope that through this move more people will be inspired to become a part of the wide variety of community outreach activities undertaken by the church.

The new facilities are helping the church to widen the offering of its community outreach to include initiatives such as a ‘Baby Bank’, which will offer baby items and care packages to disadvantaged young families, and English language classes taught with a Gospel focus. The church has also been able to grant the use of part of the premises to a Nursery school, providing excellent surrounding for this much needed facility.

The building works were completed to an impeccable standard by North London based Contractors Coste & Beno Ltd. Both Directors of the Company are Christians and offered a fantastic level of commitment, diligence, and expertise to the project, delivering outstanding results.

It is hoped that the building project will help to assist the church leaders moving forward in the delivery of their already wonderful outreach and mission work within the local community.