Cabin delivery at Cornerstone Church, Crewe – April 2021

There has been recent significant delivery at Cornerstone Church in Crewe in the form of a fifty square metre cabin. The cabin arrived as a fully finished unit complete with fitted kitchenette and accessible WC. The main body of the cabin offers a large flexible open plan space which will be used for youth work and church activities and functions, giving a vital overflow to the main church building.

The new cabin is located to the side of the main church building on the grassed lawn area, and an accessible ramp will be provided to the door of the cabin, granting an accessible approach from the church car park. Given the size and weight of the cabin unit, it had to be craned into position from the church car park, over the corner of the main church building and on to the pre-prepared concrete foundations.

The contractor who installed the foundations will be returning to site shortly to complete the installation works of the cabin, ensuring that it is has the required drainage connections and incoming water and electric supplies, along with installing the ramp and making good the external areas generally. The cabin will then be ready to be used by the church, and we hope and pray that this facility will be a real blessing to the church in their ongoing ministry and outreach.