Every one is different

Over the last year or so Church Growth Trust (CGT) has been gifted or appointed sole trustee of 12 different properties and every one is unique. This makes life interesting as different situations often bring unique challenges.

The challenge might be the condition of the property. This was the case with West Street Gospel Hall, Hucknall, a “temporary” building that has a lot of asbestos, including guttering that is literally falling off the building, single-glazed metal windows that are at the end of their life and electrics that may need some major work. With the assembly closing at the time that the property was gifted to CGT, finding a new church tenant that is willing to work with CGT on the repairs, as well as the compliance issues with the property, has been difficult. The Lord however has provided a church and priorities on the work have been agreed. 

Hey Street Evangelical Church, Cleethorpes was a property with a number of issues and CGT thought that it might be a problem to find a new church to occupy the building. This was partly due to the size, as it is an old workshop that has been converted to church use, but can only seat approximately 40 people. The layout also did not work, as the WCs were accessed from outside and the front of the building looked tired. Church Growth Trust was delighted when One Church Grimsby took on the building and are making the most of it. CGT is working closely with them and has drawn up plans and specifications for work to transform the building. The fully accessible WC is now accessed from inside the building, the kitchen has been refurbished, the worship area has been given a new lease of life and the front of the building now looks much more attractive and welcoming.

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