Exploring every opportunity

The Gospel Hall in Wroughton near Swindon was recently gifted to Church Growth Trust (CGT), after Giles Arnold, CGT’s Chief Executive, met with the last of the assembly and some of the trustees in September 2020.   

Although the assembly was very small in number, they had expressed a desire to be helped by CGT in finding others to help them with revitalisation or replanting.  We considered the options with the assembly and, working with our sister organisation Counties, looked at the opportunity of replanting through the Counties Planting Network.  This looked positive with a local evangelist being supported by a couple of stronger evangelical churches in the area, as well as CGT helping with building work that is required to the property.  Unfortunately, they were not able to progress with this and therefore we have agreed with a church that is already based in the village for them to take a tenancy.  It is hoped that the local evangelist will work with this church.  We are helping the church with building works that are required, both with advice and further concessions on the rent. 

The local church is Discovery Church, which has planted a number of separate congregations in the area and also rent another of CGT’s properties in Swindon.  They have been meeting in the village until recently in a community centre, and are delighted to have use of the Gospel Hall, particularly for their mid-week activities.  As Giles Arnold states, “although it has been a long process, as we have explored all the different options and opportunities, we are so pleased that the building will be given a new lease of life, that its appearance and layout will be improved and, above all, that the Gospel work in the village will be strengthened”.