Supporting another church plant in Stourbridge – December 2020

Andrew Hodson, who is a Counties Evangelist, is a serial church planter based in the West Midlands.  Church Growth Trust has supported him in planting in Brierley Hill and helping the church lease a building for their weekly meetings and outreach. 

As Andrew grew up, he was part of Wollaston Evangelical Church, where his father is still an elder.  Wollaston is on the outskirts of Stourbridge and Andrew has wanted to plant a church in this area for years. Andrew says: “Sometimes, with church planting there is a specific call to a place and, other times, the Lord puts something in your way and asks you to trust his leading. This is how Wollaston has been.” The existing assembly have made the difficult decision to close, as they were small in numbers and mostly elderly.  It was natural therefore, with Church Growth Trust’s relationship with Andrew Hodson and Church in the Community, the church he leads, that we would want to talk to him about using Wollaston Evangelical Church’s building.  Andrew and Jordan Armstrong, a young man with a great musical gift who has been working with students in Stourbridge town centre, are keen to see a new work established at Wollaston and are planning for the building to be given a new lease of life in the New Year, when they start their tenancy from CGT.

“We are delighted to bless Andrew and the church as they step out in this new venture by giving them a huge concession on their rent and working with them to make the property more suitable for modern church use” says Giles Arnold CGT’s Chief Executive.  “It is so good to see this property being passed down from one generation to another and continue in its Gospel use.”