The Full Gospel in Yardley Wood – September 2019

Church Growth Trust have just been gifted Yardley Wood Full Gospel Church.  The fellowship closed in 2018, leaving the trustees with the question of what to do with the property.  They did not have the funds, time or energy to refurbish the building or find another church to occupy it.  They were delighted when they contacted Church Growth Trust to discover that this is precisely why it exists.  They were relieved to discuss the options for the future of the property and resolve all the issues relating to the trustees and the Trust Deed under which the property is held. 

The trustees were also pleased to know that Church Growth Trust has a passion to find another evangelical church to occupy the building and continue the Gospel work in the locality.  This is precisely what is now happening with CGT’s Property Manager John Duffield contacting local evangelical churches and national networks to find a suitable church to use the building. 

Church Growth Trust has also used its expertise to assess what works are required to refurbish the building and make it suitable for modern church use.  There will be a building project in due course to deal with structural issues, disabled access and works to make the building welcoming and fit for its full Gospel purpose.

Yardley Wood Full Gospel Church