Church community garden projects

Having a church in the middle of a community greatly assists any ministry outside the walls of a church building.

Making full use of the grounds and gardens surrounding church properties to engage with the community and to show the love of Jesus through acceptance and relationships is proving rewarding for Miracle House in Wickford.

When the new church building was finished and handed over to New Life Church in September 2016, the area at the back had been roughly levelled and sown with grass. They did nothing with it except cut back the grass and weeds. Even in this poor state, it was used for various church activities, including a baptism (in a demountable pool).

2017 saw the entrance of Jenny & Tony Tillyers! They had recently moved from London and joined the church. Their love of gardening soon became obvious and the church leadership happily gave them stewardship of the garden, and a free hand to develop it as they saw fit but within the vision that the garden should serve the surrounding community as well as the church. Mr & Mrs Tillyers were equally enthusiastic about that.

As they spent time transforming the space they were able to mentor a number of boys from local Special needs schools who helped with basic gardening and making bird boxes. (These were sold to raise money for the garden).

The garden is now a delight and has been a real asset for many people especially during current restrictions, providing a place of quiet for individuals and space for Yum-Yum’s customers to enjoy (socially distanced) drinks.

Churches support gardening projects to show the love of Jesus

Just Caring Midlands is a Christian Charity founded out of concern for the lack of support available to vulnerable young adults in the Birmingham area. Its aim is to reach out to those who have fallen through the gaps in statutory services; befriending and mentoring them for as long as they need it. They seek to share the love of Jesus as they offer practical help to those that they support.

The charity runs a range of therapeutic activities, one of which is the “Gardening Project” (a former community allotment site owned by the Bournville Village Trust), growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

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