Making a good first impression – looking after your church gardens

The phrase “making a good first impression” may seem a strange tip to focus on during the COVID-19 Lockdown, but this is important to make it clear that you care about your church building and grounds (this often reflects on people’s view of the church as a whole). It is also a deterrent for potential vandals, as they are less likely to damage the property if it is well looked after.

As summer is definitely upon us, maintaining your church gardens with grass cutting, tidying of hedges and bushes and general maintenance of flowers beds is really important. Allocating time on your church gardens, particularly those that are clearly visible to the public, is good to keep on your task list.

Lockdown is starting to relax and church buildings are opening for worship. At some point in the near future you will be returning to church worship meetings. It is therefore worth investing time now in looking after your church garden. One good initiative is to encourage those with green fingers in your congregations or on the periphery of your church to assist with this.

Those returning, and new visitors to your church after Lockdown, could have a pleasant first impression of a nicely maintained church garden that has been cared for during this season.