We rejoice in the blessings of 2019

As we end another year, the whole staff team at Church Growth Trust are grateful for all the amazing achievements during 2019 year and we want to rejoice and share some of these with you.

  • 12 Tip of the Month articles
  • 9 new church lettings
  • 8 new church properties
  • 3 completed church building projects
  • 2 Research staff
  • 2 staff training days at Launde Abbey
  • 1 new Property Administrator
  • 1 new Marketing Consultant
  • 1 new Chairman
Church Growth Trust staff team (left to right – John Duffield, Mandy Harris, Carol Brown, Gill Pedler, Garryl Willis, Elaine Roberts and Giles Arnold)

Thank you for your support and encouragements during 2019 and we look forward to 2020 and many future years helping and providing the support you need.