We rejoice in the blessings of 2020 – January 2021

As we have ended another year, the whole staff team at Church Growth Trust are grateful for all the amazing achievements during 2020 and we want to rejoice and share some of these with you.

  • 100 church properties assessed as to their fitness for their God-given purpose
  • Helped 31 of CGT’s occupying churches with building projects
  • 25 visits to meet with trustees/churches of church properties where they are considering gifting to CGT
  • 24 hours to move everyone to homeworking from the start of the pandemic
  • Six planning consents for alterations and extensions to CGT’s properties
  • One new architect (Jonny Heaney) started in September
  • One new trustee (Richard Jones) started in February
  • No staff put on furlough

Thank you for your support and encouragements during 2020 and we look forward to 2021 and many future years helping and providing the support you need.