We rejoice in the blessing of 2021

As we have ended another year, the whole staff team at Church Growth Trust are grateful for all the amazing achievements during 2021 and we want to rejoice and share some of these with you.

  • 62 hard copy versions of the property book sent out
  • 56 sets of church property deeds reviewed
  • 36 churches/trustees met following reviewing their property deeds for them to consider Church Growth Trust’s trusteeship services
  • 26 churches helped with advice in relation to building issues and/or possible building projects
  • 9 church tenancy renewals
  • 8 new church lettings
  • 8 building projects or refurbishment work projects either completed or underway for CGT occupying churches
  • 5 Planning applications lodged for CGT occupying churches
  • Full staff team returned to the office following 18 months of home working
  • 0 days of staff furlough

Thank you for your support and encouragements during 2021 and we look forward to 2022 and many future years helping and providing the support you need.