Surprises a plenty! New trusteeship on West Mersea

When Giles Arnold, Chief Executive of Church Growth Trust (CGT) was contacted a few years ago by the trustees of Old City Hall on West Mersea, he was happy to advise on grant funding and building projects. He somehow thought that the church was a large congregation looking at a new building However, when the church reached out to him again recently, he was surprised to discover that they are in fact quite small with a little wooden building along a narrow lane on the island.  

As Giles says, “Maybe it was the “Old City Hall” name that made me think of a large building (city hall). But the actual building is small and quaint, perhaps seating 40 people at most. It is well maintained and the trustees have plans for expanding and modernising it”. 

When Giles explained the work of CGT and how we might be able to help the church, they were keen to meet. Giles was in the area the following week, so rearranged his timetable to meet up. Now it was the turn of the trustees to be surprised when they heard that CGT was set up to secure buildings like theirs for Gospel use and to help churches make their buildings fit for the God-given purpose.  

Giles told them stories of other churches and trustees that CGT has been able to help. Giles states, “They were so excited to see how Church Growth Trust could help them. In fact, it was a trustee’s husband, who is not even a believer, that was most enthused, saying “your work is amazing!”. The trustees were keen for CGT to take on the property, so we could assist with their building project and finding funds. We are delighted that the trusteeship has now been transferred and we are working closely with the church to enable their vision to come to fruition.”  

Watch this space for more news about this church property and the building project.