Property book provided to all occupying churches

Church Growth Trust began to produce property books for each of its occupying churches in the autumn 2019.  During the various lockdowns of 2020-21, we emailed a ‘virtual’ version to each church, following this up with a hard copy version when we returned to working in the office in September 2021 and now each of our occupying churches have their own property book.   

The property book is a large lever-arched folder for churches to store their compliance documentation and other important documents so that this information can be easily to hand in a physical format and accessible by the whole church team as and when required.  A gas safety check is legally required to be carried out annually and it is recommended that an electrical fixed wire test is carried out every five year, and being able to easily access this documentation in the property book will mean that churches can book a gas or electrical engineer in good time before their gas safety or electrical test certificates expire. 

We also include in the property book a copy of our booklet; “Your Guide to Running Church Premises” which contains lots of useful information on subjects such as asbestos management plans, fire risk assessments, food safety policies and safeguarding policies, all of which are also included in the property book.  A downloadable copy of the booklet is available on our website: Your Guide To Running Church Premises