Bringing order through the Property Book

Church Growth Trust (CGT) is passionate about helping our occupying churches keep their properties in good repair, compliant with legislation and suitable for modern church use. One way that we help churches to do this is by providing a Property Book for each property.

This is a hard-back ring binder has been designed to hold all the compliance documents relating to the church, including:

  • Gas and electrical safety checks
  • Asbestos management plans
  • Covenants affecting the use of the property
  • Safeguarding policy

Whilst churches remain responsible for these matters, CGT is now helping churches to manage their paperwork and reminding them when electrical and gas checks are due.

Some churches were, for instance, unaware that a five-yearly electrical wiring test is required. In a few cases, because it has been a while since this check was carried out, several issues have been brought to light. Although these can cost the church to put right, it is better to avoid a tragic accident by making the building safe, than to put the users of the building at risk.

When reletting one of our properties to a new church, we encourage the leaving church to hand over the Property Book. If this is up to date, it means the new church has less to worry about and can focus on their God-given purpose of reaching their local community with the Gospel.

Not only is the Property Book helping to bring order but is also enabling churches to be more effective in their Kingdom work. If you have received your Property Book and would like some advice on compiling it, please do get in touch with either John or Elaine in our Property Management Team. They will be happy to help.