Christmas at Christ Church – January 2021

The weather was bad all week and Christ Church in Leamington Spa prayed for dry weather on the day of their Nativity Walk-through Extravaganza.  Thankfully, it was sunny during the event and as soon as they finished clearing up, the rain started. 

Samantha Lee, who is part of the ministry team at the church said: 

 “The Nativity Walk-through Extravaganza day at Christ Church was so awesome! As we cleared up, the Prime Minister announced the Christmas restrictions and a student had to leave straight away that evening to go home, so we were reduced in team for Sunday’s outdoor Carol Service, but Saturday’s event was truly in God’s hands”. 

The feedback from the event was excellent with one mum saying that it was wonderful to attend the walk-through nativity with real people and animals and that she was thinking of visiting the church when services restart.  Another lady gave really enthusiastic, positive feedback and said her husband, who normally doesn’t tolerate church things, said that he was impressed and had fun! 

Many that attended the event said how much it exceeded their expectations and the church want to do a similar event next Christmas even if Covid restrictions are fully lifted by then.