Meet our new Property Manager John Duffield

Church Growth Trust is delighted to introduce its new Property Manager John Duffield. John comes with many years of sound property management experience, but above all he has a passion and a shared vision for the work of Church Growth Trust (CGT).

Tell us about yourself
My name is John Duffield and I am married to Caroline, a watercolour artist. We have two married sons and one grandson. I am a qualified Chartered Surveyor and most recently worked as a Development Manager for a FTSE 100 company. I am involved in home group leadership and play piano on Sundays at my local church. I love sport (rugby and American football – New York Jets), play golf and swim. I also enjoy walking, music and reading.

What do you do at CGT?
I undertake the day to day management of our existing church properties. I visit properties to meet and get to know the churches who are using the buildings as well as looking at the buildings to make sure that they are in good condition.

Why did you take the job?
To use the gifts God has given me to the full. I think these gifts are my property skills, a Barnabas “encourager” approach and music. Whilst I have been using the first two gifts to the full, I have not yet been called upon to play piano! However I have much enjoyed fellowship with Christian brothers and sisters, encouraging one another through the lyrics of various hymns and songs.

How does CGT help churches?
It is quite daunting for churches to consider major building projects, which involve significant financial expenditure. It can also be a struggle for small churches to keep on top of maintenance and up to date with changes in the law. CGT understands these issues and is able to offer churches expert help. I intend to be keeping in regular contact with the churches and in this way make myself available for discussion and help.
We see our work as a Gospel partnership with churches. We advise churches on what they need to do so that their occupation is in line with legislation. We also share experiences and best practice from other churches to build up and encourage each fellowship.

Do you have any tips for those who may have building-related issues?
If you have a problem with your building, deal with it straight away. Problems do not go away if you ignore them long enough. They just get worse. Property issues are no different. Moreover, ignoring a small problem on a property like a blocked gutter or an uneven slab can have a domino effect. It may create further larger problems, which will not only prove more costly, but might also end up hurting someone completely unintentionally.

If you do not know how to deal with a particular issue then ask CGT for help and advice.

Foundations Autumn 2017