Winter weeds

Following the glorious summer we have all enjoyed, have you noticed that as the rain has returned so have the weeds and moss? All church buildings of whatever type are now “decorated” by all manner of vigorous weeds sprouting up. These look unsightly and if left untreated will develop into destructive and pernicious weeds.

In the same way it has become noticeable how moss is sprouting in profusion in damp corners of pathways where it is a slipping hazard and will become increasingly so if left untreated. It is also much more noticeable on window ledges where it looks unsightly as it is and it may stain and hold water which may then freeze and thaw.

Moreover, all the trees seem to have lost their leaves very quickly and these can build up in piles in sheltered places around buildings. Piles of leaves against walls can attract moisture. This can have the double impact of causing  damp and being a slipping and tripping hazard. Weeds, moss and leaves can also cause serious damage when left untreated in the hidden areas of gutters, hoppers and downpipes. These need to be cleared as soon as possible as the rainfall increases into the winter. The visual impact of untreated weeds, moss and leaves is unsightly and does not commend the gospel. Often it makes the church building look uncared for and as if it is not in use.

So it is important to clear the weeds, the moss and leaves NOW to protect the building, to make it safe to move around the outside of the building and to show the world that your church building is living, active and proclaiming the gospel.