Church Growth Trust helping to bring peace of mind with sound advice – December 2018

Chief Executive Giles Arnold has met with various groups of trustees in the last few months across the country. He has been offering advice on a number of occupational property matters. More importantly, he has been able to help trustees unravel the knotty issues that often seem to be present in various trusteeship and charity matters.

For example, he was able to advise an Open Brethren assembly in Liverpool that, somewhat to their surprise (although not unusually), the property Trust and the assembly were two separate charities. He went on to give advice on detailed steps that needed to be taken to get the property trusteeship up to date. Happily, he could give the Trustees and Elders reassurance that H M Revenue and Customs would not be asking for Gift Aid to be returned, merely because the assembly had yet to register as a charity.

A grateful chairman of trustees wrote after the meeting to say “we wish to express our gratitude for your visit last evening and for the extremely helpful information and guidance which was very welcome to all”.

Giles Arnold states “it is an immense privilege to work with trustees and elders, who are so committed to the work that God has called them to. It is professionally rewarding to be able to give Trustees sound and practical advice and the reassurance that they need”.