God-given growth to a vital ministry

Since Church Growth Trust (CGT) was launched as a separate ministry from Stewardship in 2010, it has seen extraordinary growth, which can only be attributed to the blessing of God.  Continuing Stewardship’s original ministry of holding independent evangelical church properties for these to continue in Gospel use for the future, CGT has seen the number of properties within its care increase from 50 to 120.  This looks set to continue to grow, as Giles Arnold, CGT’s Chief Executive, says, “There is a great need with the independent evangelical churches for our services, as many are struggling to find trustees and expert advice.  A number of churches, partly due to the pandemic, have decided to close or are concerned that they may have to in the near future. They are wanting their buildings to be secured for the future.  This is where CGT comes in, by providing a service to ensure these church properties are kept in Gospel use, by finding new evangelical churches to rent them.  The Lord has enabled us to do with so many buildings around the country.  We also help the occupying churches to keep their properties in good condition, compliant with legislation and suitable for modern church use.”

In recent years the Fellowship Property Trust (FIEC’s trusteeship services) have decided to close and many of their churches are asking CGT to hold their properties.  Other trustees across the country are doing the same.

To cope with the increasing number of properties and the enhanced services that CGT offers to churches, new staff have been taken on over the years.  From a part-time General Manager and part-time Administrator in 2010, CGT now has seven members of staff, four of whom are full-time, and it is looking to recruit a new Building Surveyor to help churches with their condition surveys. 

Trustees and Senior Management of Church Growth Trust

The trustee Board has also changed over the years, with a number of the original trustees retiring and new trustees coming on board.  As Neil Walker, CGT’s Chairman says, “Recognising that a mixture of continuity and fresh blood is required with any Board, CGT is looking for new trustees who have a passion for its work, are committed Christians with an independent evangelical church background and come with some skills that will complement others on the Board.  Having property or legal, HR or accounting experience is really helpful with our ministry.  We have been very blessed in the last 12 years with such a great set of trustees and know that the Lord will continue to provide the right mix of people and skills to serve Church Growth Trust’s ministry in the future.”

If you are interested in supporting the work of Church Growth Trust or need to use CGT’s services, please contact Giles Arnold on 01536 647164 or 07721 666660 or email him on giles.arnold@churchgrowth.org.uk.