Getting the best deals for your church energy contracts

Churches have been hit hard by the current continuing volatility in the energy market. This does not make it easy when tasked with finding the best price when renewing your contract. 

Recently Church Growth Trust enlisted the help of 2buy2 to assist in the renewal of our office gas and electricity contracts. The process was easy, and we are pleased to say they worked hard on our behalf to find us the most competitive prices.  

A purchasing service for churches 

Church Buying is the purchasing service from 2Buy2 designed specifically for churches, to help them with their procurement. They currently support over 8000 churches by collaborative purchasing. 

When considering the renewal of a utility contract, we highly recommend calling Church Buying for a no obligation quote for your church. It could save you valuable time as well as secure more funds for your vital mission and ministry. 

Phone: 0330 9125 038 
Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm