Reducing utility costs where you can

Signs of Spring are starting to appear with slightly warmer days, daffodils shooting up out of the ground and the opportunity to reduce the heating levels and lighting durations in your church properties.

We have many ways where we can be proactive in reducing the costs of our regular utility bills to offset any increased costs of gas, electricity and other associated utility costs.

Why not consider the following options:

  • When existing gas boilers are coming up to the end of their useful life and looking to be replaced explore green alternatives at this stage (such as heat pumps) rather than replacement with another gas fired boiler. There may be grant funding available for this so worth some researching.
  • With regards to water consumption why not consider fitting taps with aerated restrictors to reduce water use.
  • If you are looking or needing to re-cover a flat roof, we suggest that insulation to this roof could be carried out at the same time if there is currently no insulation present. This will have additional cost upfront, but will offer payback in reduced heating demand etc.
  • On renewal of any utility contract, why not save the hassle and awkward conversations with your utility provider and contact church buying, (part of 2buy2) who help churches reduce the time and money spent on day-to-day purchases. Their flexible buying services release your resources to put mission and ministry at the forefront. Today and tomorrow. 
  • Lastly, why not consider having a ‘Green’ trustee or leader who champions making your church a more ‘greener’ environment. Most churches have a ‘lead’ person responsible for other areas, why not a ‘green’ lead, especially as this issue comes more to the forefront over the next decade or so.