Feasibility study success

Neston Feasibility study:

Neston Christian Fellowship

The client wanted to open up the main entrance of the church building to provide a warmer welcome and space to greet people at the main entrance. The front of the building from the outside also needed improvement and the church wanted to explore the possibility of adding a room within the roof space. Church Growth Trust provided some ideas for making these improvements written into a feasibility study which explored different internal arrangements and the cost implications of these. The church were able to use our study to decide how best to move their ideas forward and are now appointing a local architect to explore these ideas further.

Survey part plan
Proposal part plan

Abridge Feasibility study:


The church has a very small building with steps into the main entrance and restricted level access from the carpark at the rear. There is no accessible toilet either and the church approached Church Growth Trust to help them tackle these issues as part of a scheme that would improve the whole building. We provided a feasibility study giving options for a new layout and level entrance.

Image showing new level entrance at the side of the building
Plan showing proposed internal alterations

Following the feasibility study, the church appointed Church Growth Trust to develop the drawings for obtaining building regulations approval as well as prices from local contractors. We will also oversee the work on site until completion. The local school bring children into the building every week for services therefore the work has been arranged for this summer so that the building will be ready for the new school term.