Are you getting ready for Christmas? – October 2018

A cold snap or heavy fall of snow can often catch us unawares. Churches should plan ahead for these sort of events. For example, inside the building make sure your heating protects the structure, as well as making them warm and welcoming. Arrange for the heating appliances and boilers to be checked in the autumn ready for Christmas.

For electrical items this will mean PAT testing. It would be good to arrange PAT testing anyway, so that you can have the Christmas tree lights tested ready for hanging and the other electrical items in the building checked too. Doing this work will mean you start not only Christmas but also the New Year knowing your electrical appliances are safe and in order.

What about outside? Many people make a point of coming to Christmas services.

Are the areas outside the church building well lit?

Do light covers need cleaning and broken bulbs replacing?

Are paths and other surfaces even or is work needed now to repair broken slabs and uneven paths?

By acting in advance this will go a long way to avoiding someone falling.

Are there measures in place if it is icy or it snows?

Is grit available to improve safety on footpaths?

Try and have some grit available now…and avoid the rush!