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Our Trusteeship Services

In line with Church Growth Trust’s vision of safeguarding independent church buildings for future Gospel use, we offer a trusteeship service.  This vital service has been offered to independent churches, and particularly those from the Open Brethren Movement, for over 100 years (previously through Stewardship/UKET) and Church Growth Trust is currently providing this service for over 100 properties.

Where property trustees are wanting to retire, are struggling to find replacement trustees and/or can see the advantage of having a corporate trustee such as Church Growth Trust involved, CGT has taken on the trusteeship/ownership of independent church buildings.  Where the assembly/church wish to continue to use the building, Church Growth Trust will help them to do so.  Where they wish to close, CGT will find a new evangelical church to occupy the building and continue the Gospel work in the locality.

As well as offering an ownership/sole trusteeship service, where CGT actively manage the property, we also offer a custodian trusteeship service, where we only hold the legal title, but do not manage the property.  For each of these trusteeship services see the separate information pages.  We would also be delighted to send you a free booklet on the services, which sets out some of the benefits of involving Church Growth Trust.  For your free booklet, please contact the office on telephone 01536 201339 or email enquiries@churchgrowth.org.uk.