Day 6 - 'Six partnership flourishing'

Church Growth Trust does not operate in isolation. We love working with other organisations that have a heart for Gospel giving and seeing our country transformed by that Gospel.  

As we look forward to the year ahead, we are delighted to continue working with many other charities. Here are a few of them:   

Stewardship, the organisation we came out of, as we link our occupying churches with their Consultancy Helpline. This is such a valuable service to help churches with issues from insurance to employment and from accounting to property (CGT provides this anyway!).  

Counties, in networking independent evangelical churches to share resources and encourage each other. It is so vital that resource churches, who have funds and more importantly people can help churches nearby that are struggling. We also work with Counties and GLO with the “Growing Church – Church Revitalisation Project” to provide Church Health Checks and advisers.   

Counties, GLO and Echoes International, as we plan for another amazing Living the Passion conference in October. Past conferences have been such a blessing with great speakers, practical seminars and wonderful times of fellowship. Don’t miss out and book your place now: 

FIEC Trusteeship Services, as we take on some of their property trusteeships and work closely with the occupying churches. As FPT closes its trusteeship services many churches (30 so far) have asked CGT to take over the role of holding trustee or sole trustee, and in some cases gifting their property to CGT.  

Kingdom Bank, who provide our general insurance and who love to provide churches with mortgages.  

As Giles Arnold, CGT’s Chief Executive, says, “We have a great relationship with many like-minded organisations and want to work closely with them to see God’s Kingdom grow. We provide the church building and property advice, whilst others offer other resources to help churches grow. We look forward to the year ahead and renewed friendships and Gospel partnerships.”