The rewards of perseverance

When a church that occupies one of Church Growth Trust’s buildings decides to close, it is our priority to find another evangelical church to occupy the building and continue the Gospel work in the locality. In some cases there are several churches that are interested in using the building and we seek God’s guidance as to which is the right church for the building at that time.  

On some occasions it can be difficult to find a church to take on the building. This might be because of its rural location, its size and/or condition. Even if it is not obvious at first who should take on the building and there are no churches showing any interest, we will always persevere with making enquiries both locally and nationally, until a suitable church Is found.  

The Lord has rewarded this perseverance on so many occasions. Recent examples are Braintree Evangelical Church, a small building, in need of some repairs and not in a central location. Although there was little interest from churches for some time, discussions with a few local Christians from different churches resulted in some catching the vision to reach the community surrounding the property. This has resulted in the building being let as a community hub and outreach centre. 

Another example is Tyndale Baptist Chapel in the village of Little Sodbury, near Chipping Sodbury. The Chapel is in the middle of a common with only a few houses around it. In the past there was a thriving church with people travelling in from around the area. However, its rural location meant that we knew it would be a challenge finding a new church to take on the building. John Duffield, CGT’s Property Manager, persevered in talking with local churches and followed up connections with other ministries in the area. This has resulted in two groups showing an interest in the building and it now being let to a ministry called The Shepherd’s Trust, which is particularly aiming to reach and minister to men and those that don’t feel comfortable in traditional church.  

We are delighted that both buildings will be used again for their Gospel purposes and that perseverance has paid off!